7 Steps to Success

There are 7 simple steps I picked up growing up and watching my dad cook. These following habits will ensure your confidence, safety and success in your kitchen.

Mise it Out

No truer words have ever been spoken. Mise en place (French for putting in place) means chopping, measuring, slicing—doing all the brunt work of a recipe before you begin so you can fly through the cooking steps without stopping to find that elusive jar of something halfway through.

Clean as you go

A mess won’t be overwhelming if you stay on top of it. Wipe down cutting boards and surfaces after each use and turn inactive cooking time into active cleaning time.

Don't Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Don’t take on too many dishes if you don’t feel comfortable cooking them. Mistakes and accidents happen when you feel out of control so remain confident and comfortable with what you make (especially when hosting.)

Steady Your Cutting Board

Place a damp paper towel underneath it. Not only does it ensure it won’t slide about on the countertop, but after you’re done slicing and dicing, you have a ready-made cloth to wipe down your surfaces.

Have a Compost or Trash Bowl

It saves time when topping and tailing, trimming and peeling to just chuck everything in there and then dump it in the compost bin or trash once you’re finished with everything.

Sea Salt + a pepper mill

Keep fine sea salt in a small bowl or cellar and a pepper mill with black pepper corns next to the stove for seasoning. It’s the best way to be aware of how much you’re adding to a dish.

Have Fun + Don't Stress!

Most important—remember, when cooking, it’s your ship and you can steer it whatever direction you want. Improvise, learn what flavor combos you like best, have go-to dishes you can whip up for an array of different situations, and don’t freak out if things don’t work out exactly as planned. It’ll still taste good.