My Story

about claire

Take it from a former fashion girl: if you can get dressed, you can cook.
You have go-to pieces in your closet just like in the kitchen. We all have a favorite outfit and a comforting classic meal.
It took me years to make that connection, to get into my kitchen and get comfortable there. Growing up with a chef (now cheesemonger) as a father, I should’ve known better when I moved to fashion school in London at 18. Meal plans and dining halls didn’t exist, so it was up to me to budget, shop for, and cook if I wanted to eat. And it was hard.
I was making food to survive, not to enjoy. It took me months of experimenting, calling my dad for advice, and plenty of mini disasters to learn my way around the kitchen. But over the course of the year my housemates and I started cooking together, pooling ingredients and hosting family dinners. Our little rented house became a home.
I started A Cheesemonger’s Daughter with all that in mind. My friends inspired me to share the knowledge I had picked up from my dad, and to show you how to be confident and comfortable in the kitchen.