easy & fast squid spaghetti

Easy & Fast Squid Spaghetti

here’s what you’ll need

  • squid (~1 pound for 3-4 servings, but it depends on how much you want in the sauce–i.e. as a garnish on top of the pasta or an amble serving with the pasta. It’s your call)
  • garlic
  • tomato sauce (only about 1/2 a cup for the “suggestion” of tomato but you can ramp it up if you want a more classically tomato-based sauce. Again, your call.)
  • spaghetti
  • basil, for garnish if you want

here’s what you’ll do

  1. Start by getting a large pot of water on a high flame to come to a boil. This will be for your spaghetti but best to start with this so you’re not waiting around watching a pot (because you know what they say.)
  2. Clean your squid (this can be done by rinsing each piece quickly under the running cold tap, or soak them in a bowl of cold water. This is to remove any sand that may by on the bodies. Then, into a separate clean bowl, using kitchen sheers (ease–we love that) cut the bodies into rings (think about what fried calamari looks like.) Add the tentacles to the bowl as well but you don’t have to cut them.
  3. Get a pan heating with a glug of olive oil over a moderate heat–careful not to burn the garlic (1-2 fat cloves to air on the side of a whisper of garlic–add more if you’re into the knock-out POW kind garlic flavor.)
  4. Once the garlic smells fragrant, add the tomato sauce, or about half a can of chopped tomatoes if using that. Season lightly with salt (the squid will add and you can always taste and adjust later…remember you can always add more but can’t take away)
  5. Bring the tomato and garlic situation up to boil and add the cleaned and cut squid. Then bring all that back up to a boil (the squid will have reduced the temperature of everything) and then reduce it to a low flame.
  6. By now that pot of water should’ve come to a boil. Salt it generously (a few good palmfuls (or 3-finger pinches as I like to say) and add in your spaghetti. Allow that to cook until al dente (fish out a noodle and taste it after about 8 minutes and see if there’s a nice bite. Too much of a raw bite? Allow it to cook another minute or 2. A good al dente bite? Drain it. And add it to the squid. Allow everything to finish cooking together–the starch in the spaghetti will help thicken the sauce a little and soak up all the lovely squid flavor. Note: By now the squid should opaque in color and firm. Taste one. Also taste for seasoning and add some salt and pepper if needed.
  7. Serve and garnish with fresh basil and some freshly ground black pepper.

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