Galentine’s Day Fondue Party

I often say I am Liz Lemon (I love an eye roll, Slankets and of course working on my night cheese.) And I’d like to think I have a sprinkling of Tina Fey’s real life BFF’s fictional persona, Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope too. We’re both blond, can be a little over the top and driven (I think it’s a Capricorn thing) and love jamming on our planners (again, I think a Cap thing.) And I love the idea of Galentines Day as much as Leslie Knope and as much as Liz Lemon hates Valentines Day (who’s celebrating Anna Howard Shaw day tomorrow?)

So this year, to celebrate the badass ladies in my life, I had them over for a full on feast-fest of fondue–or in this case the super simple new product from Emmi called Fondu. (Find out more about it and where you can find it at

The one step of opening the packet of cheese, wine & kirsch and melting it down in a pot even had my kitchen-adverse friends thinking how fun and easy it is.

Classic dipper options (I’d like to think I’m an expert since I used to eat my weight in fondue as a child in Switzerland) include but are not (should not be) limited to:

apple cubes
bread (especially a nice crusty one!)
small boiled potatoes

but then I added in cauliflower (because yum)

but really anything you like the idea of dipped in cheese should make it’s way on to your platter.

And then the only thing left is to open a chilled bottle of white (or rosé for a more festive feel) gather your favorite gal pals and eat cheese like there’s no tomorrow. Because, to be really honest, that sounds a hell of a lot better to me than roses and chocolates tomorrow.

This post has been sponsored by Emmi USA. All the opinions expressed herein are my own.

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