Cooking Notes

Here are some simple notes to keep in mind about all my recipes


Eggs are medium unless otherwise stated and used at room temperature.


Butter is unsalted unless otherwise stated.

A salad dressing needs to be balanced. Oil and an acid can be interchanged no matter what you have. Oils, most often and accessible olive, but hazelnut, sesame, vegetable or even mayo can be mixed with a variety of acids to make countless kinds of dressings. Lemon, lime, apple cider, red wine, white wine, or balsamic vinegars will all work in a pinch for an evening salad.

When speaking about oil, especially in terms of getting things started I often say a splash or a glug. I’ve always been taught and firmly believe that when getting something started in oil that it should never be measured. A splash is a small pour, a glug a larger one. Always err on the dryer side of things because more oil can always be added rather than taken away. Start with a splash if nervous and add more if something seems to need a little more fat.

Same goes for a pad of butter. In the grand scheme of things a pad is roughly a tablespoon but these are the kind of things that don’t need to be measured. Lob off a bit of butter and add more if needed. Here’s where cooking with your senses will come into its own.


All spoon and cup measurements are level unless otherwise stated.


Season to taste always refers to adding salt and pepper.


All oven temps are given in Fahrenheit and without convection (fan assisted) unless otherwise stated.